Membership Products and Pricing

Our service is a membership based solution.  Pricing is determined by the high school year your student will be attending.  Subscribing to one of the monthly packages below entitles you to the training and tools included for that year as well as the prior years (if you join after the Freshman Year.)   Your price is locked in for as long as your membership is paid up to date.  If you terminate and restart, your monthly rate will be adjusted to the current year rate.

Most Effective
4 Year ProgramStart as a Freshman$29/ per month

Best time to start the college planning process.

3 Year ProgramStart as a Sophomore$49/ per month

Includes Freshman content.

Fast Track
2 Year ProgramStart as a Junior$69/ per month

Includes Freshman and Sophomore content.

1 Year ProgramStart as a Senior$89/ per month

Includes all prior years content.

  • Prices do not include tax (if applicable)
  • Prices include both Parent and Student accounts
  • Discounts for enrolling multiple students in high school

What Is Included In The Subscription?

Time is of the essence when preparing for college and a career. There are many deadlines along the way. We provide timelines to help you stay on track and monitor your progress through the lessons to optimize your chance of success.

Video Tutorials
Designed uniquely for Parents and Students to explain the steps in the terms they understand. Videos are self paced and often include learning materials such as quizzes, documents, or worksheets.

WebJam webinars
Frequent webinars are designed to share the hot topics, explain changes in the process, or just provide additional education in complex areas. WebJams are archived so you can refer back to them at a later date.

Individual Accounts
Parents and Students each have their own accounts with separate login credentials. Content is tailored to their individual needs, level, and timeline.

Unlimited Live Chat
Live support operators are available during working hours to help clarify questions or concerns you may have. In off hours, leave a message and we will respond after we open the next business day.

News & Articles
The world around us changes quickly, and to keep you in tune with those changes, we provide news feeds and articles to keep you current and moving along your and your students path.

Member Forum
Communities are one of the most powerful ways to get your questions or concerns addressed. By having an active member community, you can understand how others are working through the same challenges you may be facing.

Frequently Asked Questions
Others often face the same issues you are facing. FAQ’s are published to help answer some of the most common questions that each of us face as we continue along this journey.

What Additional Products and Services are Available?

In addition to the features listed above, there are supplementary products that can be purchased to provide additional assistance to you and your student as you work through the high school years.  These include:

Software Tools
We have several different software tools to help you and your students to increase their opportunity. These include tools to help identify potential careers, identify candidate schools, and improve memory skills to name a few.
We have several different subscription based services that you can subscribe to on an ‘as-needed’ basis. These include our HERO Network (community service matching) and Tutor Network (qualified tutors).

If you are struggling with any of the more challenging activities, we offer in person consulting services with one of our Service Associates. This can include financial planning, coaching for your student, essay review, etc. These are typically offered on a time and material basis.
In addition to our digital products, we also offer physical products in our “Bookstore”. These include textbooks, workbooks, banners, coffee mugs, and other offering. Preparing for college is challenging enough in itself. Spoil yourself with some memorabilia.
  • Software tools are available for a 1 year unlimited use license.
  • Subscriptions are sold in 1 month increments and can be added or deleted per your choice.
  • Consulting services are sold on a time and material basis.
  • Merchandise pricing does not include taxes and shipping charges.

Have more questions? 

When is the right time to start college planning?

Early is better than later! We suggest starting as early as 8th or 9th grade. There are two parts to this: the student and the parents have distinct and mutually important roles.
◾ Starting early allows the student to find their passion, hone in on a career path, and participate in activities within high school which makes them more desirable to the schools with Merit Based Aid.
◾ Starting early allows parents time to optimize their tax situation and position themselves to receive the maximum in Need Based Aid.

When can I join?

You can join anytime during the year.  It is most effective to join before the start of the upcoming school year since there are activities all year long and it is best not to get behind.

What if I have more than one student going to college?

It can be advantageous for some families when more than one child is in college. The EFC (Expected FAMILY Contribution) is divided by the number of children in college for the given school year, and the resultant EFC is the number used for the individual student’s need-based financial aid eligibility..

Can I use the program for more than one child?

Unfortunately, the program is designed to be used by only one student.  Each student has individual needs, goals, and desires and the tools help to identify that within each student.  There are discounts available for multiple student families.

If I quit, can I rejoin later?

You can quit anytime you like.  There is no long term commitment.  However, we believe you will  discover the value of our solution and remain a member.  If you do quit and want to join again the following year, you will be billed at the higher rate for that year.

Will my monthly charge increase over time?

Your monthly fee is locked in at the time you join the program.  It is guaranteed for the life of the program as long as you are a continuous monthly member and current in your monthly payment.

How long will my account be active?

Your account will be active for at least 1 year after high school graduation.  You will not be charged during that year, but will be able to access any of your work that you completed during the time of the program.

What if I miss a WebJam?

The WebJams are designed enrich the learning experience and are often very time sensitive.  However, we do understand that you have conflicts from time to time so all the WebJams are archived and can be viewed at a later time that is more convenient.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to ask questions during the recorded WebJam.

Is the content safe for my student?

The content we provide is all professionally created with the understanding that it is targeted at students age 13 through 19.  The forum is monitored for appropriate content and inappropriate material will be deleted immediately.

Still have questions, our Support Team will get the answers for you.