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We show families how to maximize college and career opportunities by learning what to do, how to do it, and when to do it through proven, online step-by-step process.

The SAFE Steps™ Process:

SELECTION: Align abilities and passions of each student into a purpose, setting a vision for the future.

ACCEPTANCE: Understand where each student "fits" for college. Know which schools you are highly valued and offer the most support.

FUNDING: TRAC your way to college, then make a plan. Grab your share of the $60 billion that is available, but left untouched annually.

EXECUTION: Get ready, aim, then fire. Learn "Steps to College" and you will be in control with a predictable outcome of success.

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Average Student

SAFE Steps

Average Years to Graduate

5.8 Years

4.4 Years

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  • Self-paced video tutorials
  • Quizzes to reinforce tutorials
  • Student and Parent specific content
  • Timelines to keep you on track
  • Webinar Jam Sessions on hot topics
  • News Blogs to keep you up to speed
  • Forum to exchange ideas with peers
  • FAQ’s to help you along

Tools & Resources

  • FAFSA PackageCollege (*)
  • Acceptance Profile (*)
  • College 'Ready or Not" (*)
  • Directions Program (*)
  • SAT/ACT Diagnostic Tools (*)
  • ePrep (*)
  • Tagging Program

Support & Services

  • Live On-line Chat
  • Application Review (*)
  • Reconsideration Letters (*)
  • Tutoring Network (*)
  • HERO Network (*)
  • Personal Consultation (video chat) (*)
  • College Funding Plan (*)

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